Have you ever thought about
how one event can change your life?

Nina Joffey discovered her love for art unexpectedly when her friend took her to a “SIP AND PAINT” event. She immediately loved the smell of paint, and she was immediately drawn to the feeling of adventure of trying to paint herself. After working for more than 30 years in the Information Technology field and never touching brushes or paint, she stumbled upon something which gave her so much joy. “She couldn’t believe how lucky she was!” shared Nina during her interview.

Her painting voyage began in 2017 when she took a few classes from the community center and local artists. “The painting changed my life. I discovered a new world and a new me. Arts help to open the eyes and the beauty of the world, accept things you overlooked before,” continued Joffey in her artistic story.

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Mrs Joffey feels lucky to live in Reston, Virginia, where the beauty of nature inspires her every moment. She is a member of the Reston Arts League and Vienna Arts Society, and her work is regularly exhibited in multiple galleries. Her personal exhibition in Reston Community Center had more than 100 paintings, and Joffey participated in multiple art competitions. Additionally, as a part of community projects (Art In Public Places), she consistently exhibits her work in public places such as libraries, offices, a hospital and more.

Nina Joffey is a well-known Virginian artist who is experimenting with media and styles, but her favorite at this moment is oil in a semi-traditional style. She loves to do portraits, as well as to paint nature, cities, landscapes and get inspiration from traveling, observing and just seeing the beauty in the simple things.

Watch this video how Nina shares about her life and interest in ART.


If you have any special requests for paintings, please don’t hesitate to contact Nina Joffey directly at njoffey@gmail.com.