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Inspired By Flowers

The colors, types and beauty define the natural wonder. The coin tree painting represents the financial burden for families.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso
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SIP and PAINT: “You bring the SIP, we bring the Paint.”

Being good leaders means caring about themselves first, then their family, community and the people they lead. To recover and adjust post-COVID, it’s becoming essential to spend more time together, socialize, enjoy, and build connections. Do you know that art-making sessions promote well-being, help to improve workplace morale, deal with stress and depression, and improve your energy level and health? LET’S BRING ART TO YOU! SEE PACKAGES OFFERED HERE or ASK HOW by emailing at
"The painting changed my life. I discovered a new world and a new me. Arts help to open the eyes and the beauty of the world, accept things you overlooked before," NINA JOFFEY says about her art life.
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"I was honored to create an art for the family in Italy by recreating their family emblem," MARIA MOSANU shares in her story. "I always look for a new way of evolving art for the modern world of the 22nd century."
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"The art is here to help. Let's connect the beauty of art with our lives, recharge, and relax in a unique class environment to boost your mental, physical, and emotional well-being." GAYANE MINASYAN shares.
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“Each of my paintings tells a story,” ARMEN KANKANIAN explains. “In the twentieth century, with the predominance of abstract art, there is a lot of “feeling,” but not much of a story.
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